A Guide to Choosing Carpet

Posted by Penelope Barker and Jody Calvert on May 09, 2019

A Guide to Choosing Carpet

 When it comes to the interior finishes for your new affordable luxury home, flooring is a major decision. Your choices of flooring can have a strong impact on the overall design and often take up a large slice of the budget. This is why you should choose flooring first before considering the rest of your interior finishes and decorative elements.

 So, with today's broad range of choice in flooring materials, why should you choose carpet, and how do you choose the right one?

 After many years of minimalist interiors, more decorative (even maximalist) interiors are a rising trend with an emphasis on jewel colours, luxurious textiles and multiple patterns. This means carpet is back in the limelight, and not just relegated to bedrooms.

 The advantages of carpet as a flooring choice

 Carpet offers underfoot comfort, acoustic comfort and a feeling of warmth and luxury in a home. A good quality carpet will also be soil resistant, moisture resistant, light and colour fast and will often be a sustainable flooring choice.

 Studies have shown that carpet fibres catch particles and allergens as they fall to the floor, where they get trapped in the fibres. Regular vacuum cleaning then removes these particles and allergens from the carpet, creating a healthier indoor environment.

 Carpeted floors can also significantly improve the thermal comfort of a home during the colder months, giving a measurable contribution to heat retention. The thicker the carpet, the greater the degree of thermal insulation. Installing a quality underlay will magnify the benefits even further. This quality of carpet enables lower energy useage and therefore reduced energy costs.

 Carpet also offers a broad range of design possibilities with a plethora of solid colours, textures and patterns available on the market. Can't find just the right carpet? Some manufacturers offer a custom design service, allowing the perfect carpet of your dreams with any colour or pattern you desire.  

 Types of carpet

Now you have many good reasons to choose carpet, here are the types of carpet available:

Broadloom carpet

Broadloom (or wall to wall) carpet is manufactured in long, wide rolls and laid on underfelt over the substrate flooring. Broadloom carpet should be laid flat in an empty space on delivery then left for at least 24 hours to settle before carpet installers start work. The installation of broadloom carpet requires careful planning as the placement of seams is crucial to obtaining an optimal result. So be sure your installer is an experienced expert.

Tufted carpet

A large proportion of carpet on the market is tufted, mainly due to the fast production time, lower price point and high design flexibility of this type of construction. Tufted carpet requires less skill to install than woven carpet and there is generally less wastage in the installation process.

Woven carpet

While tufted carpet gives great results, for a superior quality and durability and a more luxurious appearance look to woven carpet.

 Weaving was the production process of choice for carpets until the 1950s, when advances in machinery and the introduction of synthetic materials began the era of tufted carpets.

Woven carpets made from natural materials such as 100 per cent wool or wool blends have exceptional quality and durability. They are available in three different weaving techniques, Axminster, Velvet and Wilton, and their plush appearance makes them ideal for a luxury look and feel in any interior space.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles have come a long way in both quality and design potential in recent years. While they are mainly used for commercial interiors, there's no reason they shouldn't be considered for the home.

 Carpet tiles are available in square shapes, planks, hexagons or triangles and are easier to install than broadloom carpet and there is less wastage in the installation process. What's more, a stained tile can be easily replaced whenever required.

Other factors to consider

 When choosing carpet as a flooring option be sure to consider the costs of installation in your budget. The cost for installation of woven carpet, for example, can be much higher than the cost for installing tufted carpet or carpet tiles due to the additional time and expertise required.

Also, vacuuming can be a time-consuming chore unless you invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner that does the job swiftly and easily.

 With flooring such a large consideration in your build budget, look to the designers at Location Homes for expert advice on the best flooring choice to meet your needs as you create your new affordable luxury home. For inspiration in your home please click here.

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