Outdoor Living at Your Bach

Posted by Penelope Barker and Jody Calvert on Dec 17, 2018

Outdoor Living at Your Bach


Having a bach by the beach or in the bush is a dream of many New Zealanders, and at Location Homes we love to help people make this dream come true! As a bach is used mainly as a getaway for use on weekends and holidays, you need to approach the design in a different way to your permanent home with an emphasis on simplicity, easy maintenance, connection with the natural surroundings and outdoor living.


Once you settle in to your bach, you'll find you spend a lot of time outdoors. You'll also find your new affordable luxury bach is a magnet for family and friends, so easy outdoor cooking and dining is a real boon when you have guests for the weekend.


When you are working with our designers on your top priorities for your new bach it's important to keep the above factors in mind and ensure plenty of useable outdoor living space is included in the design – a deck or covered entertaining area that takes in the beautiful views and also, if your bach is in an exposed location, a protected courtyard area.


Having comfortable, durable outdoor furniture is a must. Your outdoor space should include plenty of seating options for the maximum number of family and friends your bach can accommodate. A large table and chairs plus another zone with extra casual seating will provide you and your guests with a choice of places to come together or enjoy downtime and relax. Be sure to choose furnishings that can be left outdoors and are heavy enough not to blow away if there is a storm in your absence.


Add colour with outdoor cushions and an outdoor rug, string up some festoon lighting for night-time sparkle and add statement pots to add personality.


Think about how many people you are likely to be entertaining at your bach and how to cook for them with the least stress and effort. Installing an outdoor barbecue, pizza oven or entire outdoor kitchen can make entertaining a crowd almost effortless. Plan ahead who will be responsible for each meal and they can bring the appropriate ingredients. You will find people are very happy to pitch in for the privilege of enjoying a weekend at your beautiful bach and relaxed and unfussed enjoyment of your company.


To extend the months in which you can enjoy outdoor dining and entertaining it's also good to think about incorporating some heating into your outdoor space – from a simple firepit to a built-in fireplace or outdoor gas or infrared heating.


Your bach is your special place to unwind, enjoy nature and the company of family and friends in a more relaxed and informal way than is possible in a city during the working week, so think carefully about how it should differ from your main home and how to gain the most enjoyment out of it by keeping everything simple and easy-care and maximising your outdoor living spaces to the full.


We're ready and full of ideas to help you achieve your dream bach and make it a reality!

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