What to Look For When Buying Your Section

Posted by Penelope Barker and Jody Calvert on Apr 02, 2019

What To Look For When Buying Your Section


Before you can build your fabulous new affordable luxury home, first you need to find the land to build it one. Your choice of section will affect not only the cost and design of your home, but your future lifestyle, so it's a decision that needs to be made with all due care.


If you're planning to build a bach or rural home, you will be looking for a section with privacy, beautiful natural surroundings and possibly seriously stunning views. If the site is very isolated, however, you will need to consider the additional costs involved for connecting power, water tanks and construction of a roadway from the property entrance to the house.


If you are building a permanent residence in a town or city, you need to consider how convenient the section is to shops, schools, public transport and anything else you need for the smooth running of your daily lives. You should also consider the proximity of neighbours and whether you can create privacy from them and whether the section is close to a busy road or factory that could cause undue noise problems.


Another major consideration is the aspect of the section. Will you be able to build a house that is north-facing, so it can be designed to maximise winter daylight and minimise summer heat? Also, consider the prevailing wind directions. Will you be able to get good cross-ventilation in your home in hot weather yet be protected from strong winds when necessary?


A flat section on solid ground suitable for a concrete slab foundation will require minimal excavation or engineering work, keeping building costs down. A sloping section where the ground conditions are unknown may require significant excavation or geotechnical evaluation which could push costs up.


What is the soil quality like? If you are a keen gardener, planning extensive landscaping or, most of all, if you are keen to grow your own fruits and vegetables, the soil quality will be key to your success. Soil quality can be built up in time using compost but this, of course, requires a great deal of patience.


Considering your choice of section with care, and keeping the above points in mind, can lead to lower building costs for your new affordable luxury home and lead to a higher quality of life for you and your family for a long time into the future. Be sure to talk to our designers before making your final selection of your section to ensure you are making the best possible choice. 



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